Farecla 6" G Mop Black Finishing Foam Pad 2-Pack (GMF601) is made a premium European grade soft foam. Its innovative open cell structure for improved air flow and cooler running temperatures.

The ultra soft foam helps achieve a high gloss professional finish.

This G Mop pad is 6” diameter, 1.25" thick with flat grip backing. Fits most 4" to 5" backup pads with hook & loop attachment system and perfectly suited for use with  Farecla 4.5" GMB658 backing plate.

Great for use with Farecla fine compounds, polishes and waxes.

Sold 2 pads per package.


  • Premium European grade soft black foam
  • Open cell structure for improved air flow and cooler running temperatures
  • Results in excellent high gloss professional finish
  • Recessed backing for extra edge protection
  • 6” diameter, fits most hook & loop 4" to 5" backing plates
  • Sold 2 pads per pack

Farecla 6" Black Finishing Foam Pad 2-Pack - GMF601


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